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Our department leaders!

IMG_5951 - Esmeralda Lopez.HEIC

Esmer Lopez


My name is Esmeralda Lopez-Maldonado, or Esmer, and this year I am the leader of STXi! I am 18 years old and I was born in McAllen, Texas. I have a two-year-old boxer, and he is my best friend. My favorite thing about the valley is how diverse it is. My favorite place in the valley would be downtown, because there are so many things to do and there is also a variety of food.

0D064578-A93B-480C-AB46-9C315664B793 - Alejandro Cruz.jpeg

Ale Cruz

Leader of Outreach

Hey! My name is Alejandro Cruz and I’m the Outreach Leader for STXi. Being native to The Valley, I find so much depth in our culture and appreciate the different forms of art that can be found in this area. I look forward to bringing our community together to learn and am excited for the turnout of this year’s festival!

IMG_3391 - Ralph DeGuzman (1).HEIC

Ralph Yohan

Leader of Web & Design

Hi! My name is Ralph Yohan and I’m a department leader for STXi. Last year I coordinated activities for our annual festival, and this year I’ll manage and design our website! Being born and raised in The Valley, I appreciate our culture’s loving attitude toward different people.

08504038-7626-4A92-B0E9-4C8C031711A2 - Raven Rivera.jpeg

Raven Rivera

Leader of Marketing

Hey! My name is Raven Rivera and I’m the marketing leader for this year. I had so much fun planning and attending last year’s festival! I’ve been living in the RGV my whole life, and the culture down here will always be a part of who I am no matter where I go.

7AED34DB-BACE-44B5-A471-B0D665F2CB9E - Santana Manuel Casas Garcia.jpeg

Santana Casas

Hey! My name is Santana Casas and I lead the activities department. 2022 will be my second year being involved in STXi. I believe our team of dedicated students will ensure this year’s festival will be one to remember.

Leader of Activities

932161AB-57AA-4A12-9308-AC7A41BEAB84 - Alfonso Abrego.jpeg

Alfonso Abrego

Co-Leader of Speakers

Hi! My name is Alfonso Abrego and I’m a department leader for STXi. This year I will be a leader of the speakers department. I really enjoy seeing the impact successful speakers have on the youth from The Valley.

9B2D12C3-1BA5-429B-8AFF-58A035AD0E5A - Hannah Cruz.jpeg

Hannah Cruz

Co-Leader of Finance

Hi! My name is Hannah Cruz and I’m a co-leader of STXi’s finance department. I was raised in the RGV and I have always loved the people in our community and the culture. I enjoyed attending and helping out at least year’s festival, and I can’t want to see how we can make this year’s as best as it can be!

507739F2-C0AA-4849-9FF4-9F6929E9D089 - Kriseyda Olvera.png

Kriseyda Olvera

Co-Leader of Speakers

Hey guys! My name is Kriseyda and I’m one of the leaders in the speakers department for STXi. I select community role models to speak at our festival. Every year at our STXi festivals, I am reminded of the strength in my community and I’m motivated to always do what’s best for the Valley.

Screenshot 2022-10-21 133414 - Tristan Torres.png

Tristan Torres

Co-Leader of Finance

Hi! My name is Tristan and I'm the finance leader for STXi this year. This year, I’ll be managing our finances and will be working hard to make sure we have an exciting STXi festival this year! I am excited to work with my team to reach our goal.

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