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Our Department Leaders!


Hannah Cruz


My name is Hannah Cruz and this year I am the co-leader of STXi! I am 17 years old. The summer before junior year, I helped out but I wasn't part of STXi yet, and I saw how hard my friends worked and was inspired to join the club, and was offered leadership. I wanted to bring a sense of community not just from my school but to other schools. I want as many kids from in and out of the valley to learn about valley culture.


Tristan Torres


Hey! My name is Tristan Torres and I’m the co-leader for STXi. My favorite thing to do is I like to play video games with friends. I joined STXi to become more of a part of my community. My intention for joining STXi is so I could connect people from the community to support each other.


Preston Nguyen

Leader of Web & Design

Hi! My name is Preston Nguyen and I’m a department leader for STXi. Last year I was a participant in our annual festival, and this year I’ll manage and design our website! Being born and raised in The Valley, I appreciate our culture’s loving attitude toward different people.


Anthony Capetillo

Co-Leader of Marketing

Hey! My name is Anthony Capetillo and I’m the co-leader for marketing this year. My favorite thing to do is I love to play basketball. I had so much fun planning and attending last year’s festival! I’ve wanted to see change in the community, and the culture down here will always be a part of who I am no matter where I go.


Luis Alvarez

Hey! My name is Luis Alvarez and I co-lead the marketing department. My favorite thing to do is play video games. I believe STXi is a place of dedication and I want to create change. This is where the youth can recognize their potential like I have.

Co-Leader of Marketing


Alma Ramirez

Leader of Outreach

Hi! My name is Alma Ramirez and I’m the department leader for Outreach for STXi. This year I want to make connections with people across the valley and learn how to plan and organize events as well as spread awareness of culture across the valley of STXi. I really enjoy seeing the impact people from around the Valley have on the youth.


Aubrey Diaz

Co-Leader of Finance

Hi! My name is Aubrey Diaz and I’m a co-leader of STXi’s finance department. My favorite thing to do is being able to help people so when there's a chance to help I step up when needed. I joined STXI so that I could experience new experiences while being able to form new relationships with others involved in STXI. The end goal is to be able to promote youth culture over the RGV so that more people can feel comfortable from where they’re from.


Mario Carmona

Co-Leader of Finance

Hi! My name is Mario and I'm a co-leader for finance for STXi this year. My favorite thing to do is play basketball and this year, I’ll be managing our finances and will be working hard to make sure we have an exciting STXi festival this year! Outside of fundraising for the annual festival, I hope to reach out to brands and corporations for potential partnerships. I am excited to work with my team to reach our goal.


Sophia Flores

Leader of Activities

Hi! My name is Sophia Flores and I’m the leader of STXi’s activity department. My favorite thing to do is to be outside and explore. I joined STXI because it allowed me to meet people they have never before and not everyone gets the opportunity to meet people outside of their group. I want to be able to help members and participants get out of their comfort zone and try out new and different things to meet new people.


Angela Colegio

Leader of Speakers

Hey guys! My name is Angela Colegio and I’m the leader in the speakers department for STXi. My favorite thing to do is sleep in but when I'm not I am selecting community role models to speak at our festival. Every year at our STXi festivals, I want to help engage the community and create a comfortable environment which everyone feels welcome in. I want to help to bring the community closer together and empower the community.

Our Members!

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