Celebrating the power and potential of RGV youth, one teen at a time.
We are youth-led.

We are youth-led. Yes, you read that correctly. 


Our festival, curriculum, the mobilization of our team and their work, while in collaboration with adults from the community, starts and ends with youth. They decide how to organize themselves for efficiency, what people and organizations to reach out to for venues, food, speakers and activities. This dynamic allows them to design outputs that youth from the high-school and university level can truly relate to and be excited about. Moreover, because our students are working deeply with the community, our work creates new opportunities for youth in the place they call home.

Community Collaboration.

it's what we do.

Here at STXi, we believe that if we have the opportunity to push someone in the Rio Grande Valley to dream big, to do the unthinkable, to go beyond the negative stigmas that emanate from racial and socioeconomic factors, then we can think of no other thing to do than to provide a platform and say "here you go".


All of the students on the STXi team are vivacious, enthusiastic dreamers, and we push them to help others the way they know they can. The youth in our area, our audience and our team, are artists, orators, political activists, and more. We want to show the rest of the Rio Grande Valley that they can make a difference and that they can help others do the same.

Our approach has always been collaborative-based.


Our first year, our team of high-school students ventured out to talk to local businesspeople, activists and leaders to not only shape our ideas but to create powerful connections to the community. Because we are a non-profit, we don't rely on our funding efforts to make our festival and other components happen; instead, our team spends more time talking to people and cultivating relationships. Many of our attendees were reached out to because of our great relationship with educators in the area. We also rely on the "mini-networks" of our members, their friends, parents and family members who are connected to things in the community. We are the youth involved in our organization. Their ideas, successes, and mistakes are proudly a part of what we strive to do.



We know, it seems unreal. It really does surprise people when they see all of this is put together by some really passionate teens. If you have any questions about our work or any ideas (we absolutely love those, duh) you think we could realize, send an email our way.