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Ana Rodriguez (she/her)


Her funny personality will never fail to make you laugh. She owns earrings for every possible situation. Need Takis earrings? She has them. Skeleton ones? Ana is the person to ask. She can’t resist helping out a friend in need.

Kayla Cortez (she/her)

Writing holds a special place in Kayla’s heart. Whether it’s telling her story or the stories of others, she strives to be a voice for fellow minorities. When she isn't writing, you can catch her listening to Bad Bunny and Frank Ocean or scrolling on TikTok.


Natalie Escobedo (she/her)

Preferably likes to be called Nat, Nat is very fun and loving friend to all and can potentially bore you with strange facts about the Alien Movie franchise. Nat grooves to music 24/7 and can recite multiple cartoon theme songs from the 80's.