Educator. Youth Advocate. Idea Sharer.

Marcos Silva

The adult in charge of making the imagination of the STXi students come to life. Also, we needed a guy to give us rides everywhere.

Student. Vibrant. Confident.

Alyzza Ortiz

Loves working out and supporting others, doing projects. Hates math, loves history, loves Nikes and being comfortable, positive, lifting people up, and coffee.

Student. Amateur Movie Critic. Unapologetically Sentimental.

Ian Cruz

If you want to speak with Ian, you’ll probably have to schedule an appointment. His indie movie marathons and jam out sessions have him on a very tight schedule. His friends and family have helped shape him into the person that he is today and without fail Ian will hold every memory good or bad close to his heart. 

Pluviophile. Pig. Comedian.

Omar Garcia

If it’s raining, chances are that Omar is looking out of the car window, listening to music, and pretending he’s in a music video. Even bigger chances are that he’s listening to Demi Lovato.

Student. Energetic. Amiable.

Vernice Casiano

This girl has many aliases: Vernutter Butter, Vernace the Furnace, Verniture and Vernie Sanders. She once got in a fight with a calculator because it was too slow. She’ll gladly tutor you, but you’ll have to pay back in Hot Fries.

Loves to Paint. Read. Swim.

Megan Lucero

From people to flowers, Megan paints it all. Legend even has it that she helped Leonardo Da Vinci paint the Mona Lisa. Along with her olympic-like swimming skills, Megan likes to read five books a day just to keep her mind fresh.

Student. Yellow Mellow Fellow. Passionate.

Vanesa Marmalejos

Sunflowers. Ariana Grande. Astrology. She may Be Alright, but Bang Bang, she’s a Dangerous Woman. Her true wit comes out in a banter battle and her sweet disguise will trick you. This girl is so stary, the National Society of Capricorn inducted her into the hall fame.

Student. Motivated. Dreamer.

Karla Martinez


When she’s not motivating her team to get up and thrive, she's off finding a meaning behind a blank piece of paper and creating something new. Word has it she went back in time and inspired Leonardo da Vinci to paint the Mona Lisa.

Student. Social. Enthusiastic.

Josue Bello

When he's not behind the screen being updated about everything going on, he's spreading the word of the newest things going around. Word has it he once shared the meanest cup of tea with Oprah. Having earned his doctoral degree in social media, he will turn anything into a networking opportunity.

Student. Cheerleader. Indecisive... wait no, decisive.

Itzel Gonzalez


S-T-X-i, need some pep? Itzel qualifies. When she’s not trying to decide on which uniform shirt to wear, she’s out learning new dance routines. Don’t be fooled by her quiet demeanor; she’s actually secretly planning how to take over the world. Oops. We weren't supposed to say that.

Student. Curly. Film Nerd.

Miranda Garza

When she's not fighting to get a brush through her hair, she’s off finding an existential meaning behind a cartoon. With her sudden bursts of Harry Potter trivia, don’t be surprised if she asks you to duel. Her knowledge will never fail to amaze you.

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