We are the youth involved in our organization. Our ideas, successes, and mistakes are proudly a part of what we strive to do.

Meet This Year's Leaders


Itzel Gonzalez (she/her)

I can be super indecisive at times but what I know for sure is that I love speaking and I love my dogs. I’m super passionate about youth empowerment and one thing that I wholeheartedly believe is that there’s no such thing as a bad idea.


Vanesa Marmolejos (she/her)

The RGV is a unique and beautiful community that I am so proud to call my home. I think it’s so important to be the change I wish to see. Working with STXi, I’m surrounded by passionate youth who want to celebrate the RGV and what its opportunities.


Like all the speakers you see at the festival? This amazing team is responsible for bringing every speaker to the festival! Their work is incredibly important to have a fun and inspiring festival.


The Finance Department is the whole reason why the festival happens. They are in charge of getting sponsors and raising money to fly out speakers, get activity supplies, and fund the entire festival.


All social media is coordinated by this team. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you name it, they control everything. Every beautiful post you see on ig is designed by the team.


Ever wonder whose idea it was to get giant UNO or an Ocean Room full of fish? Thank the Activities Department! They organize the activities present at the festival and come up with the most fun ideas to meet new people and share our ideas.


How did you hear about STXi? Was it through a counselor? An email? It is more than likely that the Outreach department was responsible for you knowing about STXi. They are the reason we have attendees from all 4 counties in the Rio Grande Valley.

Web & Design

Web & Design is the reason you are reading this right now. They coordinate the Web page and the STXi YouTube channel. You can find all updates about the festival right here!

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