STXi Alumni

     STXi would not be possible without the help of our dedicated team members. The following is a list of our past team members and what they had to say surrounding how STXi has affected them.

Michael Mireles

Currently attending Brown University

"The realization, empowerment and determination to see positive change is invaluable and worth discovering in the Rio Grande Valley. There is something beautiful in watching others chase their dreams. I helped start STXi because I wanted to see that everyday of my life."

Adrienne Piando

Currently attending UTRGV

"STXi started as a project for me but it soon became a movement that I strongly believe in. It will always be an experience that I fall back on to remind myself that there's always more that we can do for the RGV, and for today's generation in the US. I know that the future of this organization will create bigger and better ideas that will spark millions of the ideas in kids' mentalities not just in the Valley, but worldwide."

Anne De Guzman

Currently attending UTRGV

"There have been so many people who have given me advice and have encouraged me to start making a difference, but STXi is what sparked my passion. Anyone can be told to speak their thoughts and to plan their future, but I learned that it's someone's passion that really drives an idea to become a reality."

Tanya Reyna

Currently attending Columbia University

"My experience with STXi was no quintessential moment. Different aspects of my culture, which I would have otherwise remained ignorant to, manifested themselves as I worked with this organization. Because of STXi, I became more informed of my community, more prideful of my culture, and more inspired by my identity."

Ashley Salinas

Currently attending UTRGV

"STXi opened my eyes to a whole new aspect of my community that I had no idea even existed.
It made me want to go out there and continue working towards improving the RGV."

Abigail Piando

Currently attending UT Dallas

Prior to joining STXi, I never understood the significance of being from South Texas. Similar to many people’s perception, I shared the same motive to move up North and never look back once graduating. However, becoming invested into such a wonderful non-profit organization I was able to see the cultural, physical, and social movement and beauty that no other region in the United States can say they have. I learned to not only love my community for what it is, but to be grateful for all the lessons and perspectives I was able to learn about from living in such a diverse environment. I am continually inspired to do more and be more for the community I call home and I urge anyone to always follow your ideas because you never know how many lives can benefit from it.

Bert Guerra

UT Dallas

STXI has impacted me in the same sense that I now know what my passion is and it has helped me grow into someone who cares for the valley and truly appreciates all the greatness it has to offer.

Allison Frickel

Currently attending Texas A&M

When I was a sophomore STXI had just begun and I wasn't able to be a part of the first team because it was so small so i decided to attend.From there i fell in love.I got to meet so many different people and make connections I never thought I would make connections.I never thought I would make.So my junior and senior year I decided to join and even took leadership positions.It changed my life for the better.Showing me that anything is possible no matter where you come from and how amazing the valley is.The bonds and lessons I learned about leadership and team building will forever stick with me.

Hiram Gonzalez

Currently attending UTRGV

Stxi impacted my life in a social aspect. It helped me network my way to a more friendly environment in which i created connections and new friends.Most of all STXI helped me open my eyes so that I can see all the amazing things my community carries and also the things we could improve and for those and many more things is that I should be thankful to STXI.

Valentina Wey

Currently attending Villanova University

STXI  gave me the chance to realize the impact that ordinary people can have on their community and allowed me the opportunity to give back.Without STXI  wouldn't have learned valuable lessons of leadership and teamwork as well as allow others the chance to realize everything the valley has to offer.

Wenhan Li

Currently attending UT Austin

STXi allowed me to see the power of the voices and abilities of the youth and their influences as such.

Dana Perez

Currently attending UTRGV

STXi is such a special organization. Not only have they helped me and others appreciate my 

culture, but it’s also helped me make lifelong friendships with people who have the same mindset. I think it’s very important to allow the youth of the RGV to participate in more than in school activities and STXi gives them that opportunity. STXi gave me the opportunity to meet and have conversations with leaders in the valley that I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise.

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