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New Beginnings

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Over the course of a few months, the world around us altered forever. We’ve become accustomed to masks and isolation since the spread of COVID-19. Yet, what has become our new lifestyle will become a history lesson for years to come. Around 6 million individuals in the United States are infected with the Coronavirus. Of those 6 million, 600,000 reside in the state of Texas. The pandemic has traveled closer to our own backyards here in the RGV, as we now make up 30,000 of the total cases in Texas. What began as foreign concern has put STXi students out of school for 6 extensive months.

One of the most crucial pillars of the STXi organization and family is identity. We are confident that the sixth month break has permitted our community to take the necessary time to better themselves. Micaela Garza, senior, and member of STXi’s Activities Department, utilized the break to become more in touch with her own identity, “Throughout quarantine, I had all the time in the world to focus on my identity, as I'm sure most people did, and take a moment to reflect on my actions and thoughts. Before COVID, I would honestly say I never took the time for myself and my mental health. It helped me improve my well-being.” Whilst we hope the break was a reflective time for every individual, we also hope you bring this new mindset into a new school year.

On August 10th, STXi students went back to school. However, unlike years prior, this school year started off strictly online through distance learning. Everyday, we wake up early to attend school right inside our homes, proving to the pandemic that we can do what we put our minds to. Nothing can put a stop to our will to learn and provide for our community.

As STXi welcomes you back into the world of new possibilities,we encourage you to continue to assist in flattening the curve and saving lives so we can get back to working in person. Though the Coronavirus took us all by surprise, we, as a community, have continued to push through all obstacles, and for that, STXi is beyond proud. We thank you for adjusting to this new world and continuing to be here with us everyday.

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