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#STXi takes NYC by storm!

On June 15th, 2017, 5 STXi members hopped on a plane departing from McAllen, Texas and made their way to LaGuardia Airport, with bright smiles, eager spirits, and overstuffed luggage. We had been invited to TED Ed Weekend, a conference in which students from around the world gather to listen to “TED talks”, participate in workshops, and meet new people from backgrounds that they would otherwise be unfamiliar with. Although our time in NYC was met by an angry bus driver yelling “GET ON THE PLATFORM!” to 5 Valley kids who had no idea what “the platform” was, the time that ensued definitely made our trip worth the while. Having lived in the Rio Grande Valley for most of our lives, we were excited to see what kind of people and what kind of experiences we would encounter at the conference, and to foreshadow the events of our NYC getaway, we were not disappointed.     The most exciting part of our whole trip was that Michael Mireles, the founder and leader of STXi, had been invited to speak on the TED Ed stage. The 5 of us were ecstatic to see that Michael’s message, the very ideas that had shaped our organization, would be amplified to a much larger audience. Michael had spent months planning and rehearsing his speech, and as future leaders of STXi, we couldn’t wait to see the end result. When the time finally came, we heard Michael’s name being called out and saw him rise from his seat and confidently take the stage. He powered through his speech about making your ideas into realities and mentioned STXi, an organization that started as a simple idea and has now become a non-profit, as his passion project. He ended his speech with a lesson he had become all too familiar with: “You can fix boredom, but you can’t fix regret. Don’t let your ideas just be ideas.”

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