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STXi Leadership Summit 2018

We may be on break, but STXi never is!

June 12th marked the beginning of the first annual STXi Leadership Summit! Organized by STXi alumni Michael Mireles, Adrienne Piando, Anne DeGuzman, and Albert Macias, the 4 day conference granted 14 students from around the RGV the opportunity to explore what it means to be a leader and practice skills ranging from making professional phone calls to persuasive speaking. Additionally, members were given a chance to explore topics such as immigration reform and modern-day feminism in the RGV with the help of 7 guest speakers!

Although the event was organized to allow students to become familiar with the logistics of planning a festival, its main intent was to provide each attendee with an individualized experience that would allow them to reflect on their own strengths and define their own passions, allowing them to maximize their productivity as members of the team for the 2019 STXi festival!

Here’s what Abigail Piando, co-leader of the South Texas Ideas Festival, had to say about the eventful week.

“At first, I was really nervous about how my team would perceive me. I felt like I had to build up walls to hide my fears and weaknesses, but as I got to know them, I really learned the power of transparency, because if I’m not honest with the people I’m working with, there is no way we will be able to communicate and get things done.”

We are so excited that our first summit was a success and are even more eager to see what the future brings.

Stay tuned!

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