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STXi dives into the topic of Hunger in the RGV

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

During the summer of 2018, some of our STXi members dived into the topic of hunger and nutrition in the RGV. It stemmed out of a partnership between STXi and Baylor University's Texas Hunger Initiative.

We collected stories in an effort to share the youth voice and perception on these topics. Our posters were shared during the Equal Voice Network Summit to several community leaders of the RGV.

Here is a sneak peek... Enjoy:

"This is a photograph of a refrigerator that feeds a family of eight, including five children. The refrigerator belongs to a mixed-status family, with only two of the children having American citizenship due to their birthright. The other six people immigrated here. The two American children, therefore, are eligible for food assistance which is shared with the entire family. Thank goodness for the summer meal program. All the children have the right to have a healthy breakfast and lunch, even though they sometimes go to bed without a  nutritious dinner. Summer meals become an important option for those whose refrigerator looks like this one. "

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