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STXi 2019 Speaker Lineup

7 individuals that have shaped the meaning of being from the RGV. We are ecstatic to formally announce this year's speaker line up.

Nolan. Gloria. Jose Maria

Gloria De Leon - CoFounder of the National Hispanic Institute (NHI)

NHI has worked with over 120 institutions of higher education to help develop over 70,000 high-ability youth from across the nation.

Jose Maria Longoria - Actor He's currently starring in the web-based, telenovela "Sin Verguenza."

The show won an Imagen Award for "Best Informational Reality Series" in 2013.

Nolan Navaro - Model

A Brownsville native and professional model that, at age 21, was featured in New York’s Fashion Week.

Cristina. Jorge. Melissa. Mark.

Cristina Mercado - Super Rami

Super Rami is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness about childhood cancer in the RGV.

Jorge A. Ramirez - Law Professor

A law professor at Texas Tech University, and a past recipient of the university's “Chancellor's Council Distinguished Teaching Award”.

Melissa Hinojosa Zamora - Life Advocate

Founding board member of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention STX Chapter.

Mark Hanna - Realtor

Raised by his Great Grandparents, Mark Hanna brings an “Old School” mentality to a new generation.

You are not going to want to miss STXi 2019! Registration is now open at

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