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STXi 2018 Recap

It has officially been a week since the 2018 STXi festival and although we are still recovering from the mayhem and long nights of preparation, we already have next year’s event in mind.

With over 350 local students in attendance, a lineup of 9 speakers, and countless interactive activities, the STXi festival was more successful than we could have ever hoped for. As a team, we are eternally grateful for everyone who attended, supported, or simply took the time to learn who we are and what we’re about.

One highlight of the festival was the moment we announced the beginning of what we call STXi Clubs.

If you are a local high school student living in the RGV, this message is for you. For the past two years, STXi has been limited to a single high school. Now, we want you to join us. Through STXi Clubs, you and your classmates will be given an opportunity to learn about issues that affect our community, raise awareness around your campus, and participate in service projects. You will be guided by members of the STXi team throughout the year leading up to your final project: hosting a mini-STXi event of your own!

If you are interested in starting an STXi Club at your school, please email for more information.

Once again, thank you for a great 2018 STXi Festival! See you next year!

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