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November 3rd

Americans are anxiously anticipating the 2020 Presidential Election on November 3rd. Tomorrow, either Donald Trump, republican, and current POTUS, or Joe Biden, democrat, and former VP will be announced as the elected President.. Together, these candidates make one of the most pivotal elections in America's history and STXi encourages you to make a difference!

Voting is a principal part of US democracy and provides Americans the ability to create change. STXi is cognizant of the many policies eligible voters must consider when contemplating who to vote for on November 3rd.. For these reasons, we have created a policy chart to better illustrate the views of each candidate on critical issues so that you may develop your opinion:

Trump vs. Biden on Policies

Donald Trump

CLIMATE CHANGE: Trump has left the Paris climate agreement and his team has removed over 125 policies that protect the environment. However, Trump's team has recently claimed they are developing a new and more practical agenda for the environment.

Joe Biden

CLIMATE CHANGE: Biden has claimed climate change is one of the biggest, most crucial threats. He has developed a plan, “The Green New Deal”, that will invest in clean energy, taxes on carbon, and more to push the US economy to net-zero emissions by 2050.

Donald Trump

IMMIGRATION: Because Trump deems immigration a threat to US security, he is investing in reducing immigration through building a border wall, mass detention centers, trying to eliminate DACA, and more.

Joe Biden

IMMIGRATION: In the past, Biden has promoted the reduction of immigration. Now, he claims he would repeal the strategy of separating families at the border and believes dreamers should possess citizenship.

Donald Trump

RACIAL JUSTICE: Trump has not publicly recognized systemic racism nor a plan to tackle the issue. However, he has increased funding to support black colleges and create new jobs.

Joe Biden

RACIAL JUSTICE: Biden has recognized the disparities POC and BIPOC face in America and he plans to invest billions into aiding black and brown communities through his Build Back Better agenda.

Donald Trump

CORONAVIRUS: Promotes stimulus payments of $2.5 trillion that will aid citizens and residents in adjusting to the pandemic.

Joe Biden

CORONAVIRUS: Plans to restructure the COVID response and has issued a proposal to combat the pandemic.. He also plans to make testing and treatment free.

Donald Trump

HEALTHCARE: Trump is against the Affordable Care Act that makes healthcare more affordable and does not believe that healthcare should be free for all.

Joe Biden

HEALTHCARE: Biden supports the Affordable Care Act that provided over 100 million of people with available healthcare. He plans to build on it, making healthcare less expensive.

We hope that the policy chart has provided a better understanding of both candidates and has helped in making the decision of who to vote for. We also encourage you to do your own research on the Presidential candidates as well as the other representatives you will be voting for on Election Day.. For some eligible voters the issue is not deciding on a candidate, but taking decisive action.

Early voting has accounted for more than 65.5 million votes, exceeding numbers from the 2016 election. Nevertheless, every year an estimate of 50% of eligible voters do not vote and waste their opportunity to create change. Voting this presidential election is an act of speaking up for those who can't. Needless to say, your voice is a crucial part of a larger movement!

History has proven that in every movement for change there is an opposing side and today, that opposing side consists of people who don't vote. In a year where tensions are at an all-time high and growth is at our fingertips, we encourage every eligible citizen to show up and be the change they want to see.

STXi’s focus on community is one with an aim to encourage our youth to recognize their potential despite social and economic barriers. Amid the challenges that all communities in the United States face is the universal, fundamental, right to vote. So, whether the challenge lies in deciding between candidates or getting to that voting booth, we want you to be a part of history.



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