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Halloween Special

You know those scary stories? The ones that send glaciers down your spine? Those are my favorite parts of Halloween. Hearing about ghosts and strange sightings always got me excited for the holiday. I always thought they were just stories, perhaps the innocence of my youth, until one Halloween night.

The weather was crisp and the moon was tiptoeing in the sky. It was a normal night in the Rio Grande Valley. Only this night my boyfriend was driving to pick me up and take us to watch the stars at a local park.

As I got into the car and greeted my boyfriend, a strange feeling overcame me. It was deep in my stomach. I guessed the feeling was coming from worry at being out so late on Halloween. After all that is how most scary stories begin.

When we arrived at the park, we spread out blankets in the trunk to lay comfortably as we glared upon the stars. I’ll never forget how bright they shined. As we glared in awe, a sudden hiss filled the car. It was coming from the radio..

As we got up in an attempt to hear better, a man's shaky voice shot from the radio saying, “This is an emergency broadcast. A murderer has escaped from the local mental asylum and is armed. Due to a recent accident, the murderer lost his arm and replaced it with a large hook. Police officials call him ‘The Hook Man.’ Please stay inside and if you see anyone who fits this description call your local police department.” Buzz. It went out.

In a panic, I urged my boyfriend to gather the blankets and get into the car. I told him to lock the doors, but he showed no fear. No goosebumps, no sudden panic, and no worry about a crazed murderer on the loose. Instead he told me, “Don't worry! The chances of him being near us are slim. Please relax.”

I calmed down, reassuring myself that the man was probably far although the local asylum was not. The stars danced in the sky, appearing more beautiful than before. BANG. Something hit the passenger car door. I jumped up into my boyfriend's arms and let out a shriek. “IT’S NOTHING!” he insisted. This time I could not calm down. I forced him to drive me home.

When we arrived at my house, my boyfriend jumped out and walked around the car to open my door. With every step closer to my door, his face filled with fear. His skin turned pale and hills of goosebumps formed on his arms. “What's wrong?” I asked.. I opened my door to see what had caught his attention. My heart sank. There, caught in the door handle, was a large, sharp hook.

Now, I stay in doors every Halloween night inspecting every suspicious sound and locking every door. You know those scary stories? The ones that send glaciers down your spine? Sometimes they aren't just tales passed through generations. Be safe this Halloween.

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