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Brown University x STXi - Fellowship

BIG NEWS! We are so excited to announce that Michael Mireles, the founder of STXi and a Brown University student, has officially closed a deal with Brown in support of STXi! In other words, that makes us pretty legit.

Every year, Brown University’s Swearer Center, a public service center that promotes the values of “community engagement, engaged scholarship, and social innovation” (sound familiar?), sets new social initiatives. One of their many programs is called the Social Innovation Fellowship. Students from Brown University are allowed to apply with a daunting goal in mind: to have a venture that will benefit the community at large. The application requires research, an approach, and a detailed plan as to how the student will execute their idea. Ultimately, the Swearer Center approves 8-10 students and grants them as much as $4,000 to work on their project over the summer.

Luckily, Michael was approved! Michael’s plan surrounds a topic he is all too familiar with: leadership. With the help of the Swearer Center, Michael wants to reinforce the roles of future STXi leaders to ensure the organization continues on a stable and promising path! He plans on organizing a conference of his own, in which he invites STXi members and teaches them all they need to know to carry out their roles as community and organization leaders. Additionally, Michael plans on designing his conference based on his own experiences at the Aspen Ideas Festival, an event that he says has changed his life.

So, now that we’ve shared our big news, we have one question to ask. Brown’s on board… Are you?

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