All social media is coordinated by this team. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you name it, they control everything. Every beautiful post you see on ig is designed by the team.

Catherine de Guzman (she/her)


Her amazing Monopoly skills will wow every person she plays against. Her simplistic and meticulous nature makes her an awesome person to work with. She is so invested in her work that she memorized the 3 STXi color codes on Canva after so many graphics.

Omar Garcia (he/him)

If it’s raining, chances are that Omar is looking out of the car window, listening to music, and pretending he’s in a music video. Even bigger chances are that he’s listening to Demi Lovato. 

Savannah Diaz (she/her)

I love nature because it is so beautiful and peaceful. I like to learn new things in general, and to be around people with positive energy. 

Natalia Ramos (she/her)

I'm a very outgoing and emotionally driven person. What I love is what I'll fight for and there's no other way I'd have it :)