All of our social media is coordinated by this team. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you name it, they control everything. Every beautiful post you see on IG is designed by them.


Catherine De Guzman (she/her)


Her amazing Monopoly skills will wow every person she plays against. Her simplistic and meticulous nature makes her an awesome person to work with. She is so invested in her work that she memorized the 3 STXi color codes on Canva after so many graphics.

Omar Garcia (he/him)

If it’s raining, chances are that Omar is looking out of the car window, listening to music, and pretending he’s in a music video. Even bigger chances are that he’s listening to Demi Lovato. 

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Savannah Diaz (she/her)

Peace and beauty...that is why Savannah adores nature and the outdoors! Along with being fond of learning more about everything around her, she is a positive person who is attracted to powerfully positive energy in others. 

Natalia Ramos (she/her)

As super outgoing as she is, Natalia stays true to her heart in all situations. Her emotions drive her every ambition, and she will fight for what she loves. There is no other way she’d have it, she confidently stands firm in her beliefs and passions!

Screenshot_20200928_145049 - Natalia Ram

Natalia Morin (she/her)

No one can be as chill as Natalia with her love for prehistoric creatures and we are talking about dinosaurs. As for her love for academics, she loves both math and science, which she can’t choose which is her favorite and loves equally. Talk about adventure, when Natalia has free time away from school she loves to travel. 

Theresa Marquez (she/her)

Theresa is the team member that will turn your group project into a masterpiece. Her creative mind and coffee-induced energy makes her a super sociable individual. Find Theresa serving and spiking balls left and right, because playing volleyball has a special place in her heart.