The Finance Department is the reason why our festival happens. They are in charge of networking with sponsors, raising money to fly out speakers, purchasing activity supplies, and funding the entire festival.


Vernice Casiano (she/her)


This girl has many aliases: Vernutter Butter, Vernace the Furnace, Verniture and Vernie Sanders. She once got in a fight with a calculator because it was too slow. She’ll gladly tutor you, but you’ll have to pay back in Hot Fries. 

Jasmine Parra (she/her)

Always seeing and hoping for the good in all things, Jasmine is an optimistic light to this world. She loves to help people with absolutely anything. Alongside her cheery nature, she also feels deeply connected to her passion for singing and music.

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Alejandra Reyes (she/her)

Alejandra is an ultimate "foodie"! You will always find her either enjoying her food or spending her time with friends and family. But she can also be doing both, because she loves how food is a way to bring her family together. For any obstacle thrown at her, Ale will always come up with a way to learn and grow from it.

Esmeralda Lopez-Maldonado (she/her)

Esmeralda is a full-on helper and lover to everyone who surrounds her. On the field, find her even assisting her teammates with her mean soccer kicks. Strong as a player and strong in her commitments, you can always trust and depend on her to help you out.

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Heidi Chelsea Ho (she/her)

Busy Bee Heidi loves to keep her life in motion, of course doing the many things that she loves. Of her many interests, she loves to play piano, dance, chat with friends, and podcasts. Although she can be shy at first, she promises she can warm up to you and fit you into her busy schedule.