Activities Department

Itzel Gonzalez


S-T-X-i, need some pep? Itzel qualifies. When she’s not trying to decide on which uniform shirt to wear, she’s out learning new dance routines. Don’t be fooled by her quiet demeanor; she’s actually secretly planning how to take over the world. Oops. We weren't supposed to say that.

Alyzza Ortiz

Alyzza is constantly busy with her Nike sponsorship, but she’ll never pass up an opportunity for a coffee break. This project-loving caffeine addict will never hesitate to give you wise words of advice or make you laugh

Micaela Garza


There’s no need to hire a travel agent when you have Micaela. This traveler loves to meet new people, learn about everything that surrounds her, and will fiercely defend her beliefs and everyone else’s around her.