Ever wonder whose idea it was to get giant UNO or an Ocean Room full of fish? Thank the Activities Department! They organize the activities at the festival and come up with the most fun ideas to meet new people and share our ideas.


Micaela Garza (she/her)


There’s no need to hire a travel agent when you have Micaela. This traveler loves to meet new people, learn about everything that surrounds her, and will fiercely defend her beliefs and everyone else’s around her.

Karen Ramirez (she/her)

Scoring goal after goal, Karen has dedicated most of her life to her one love - soccer. She’s also determined to one day visit her other love - Paris, France. Passionate about empowering others around her, baking delicious goodies, and playing with her dogs, Karen always handles others and what she does with her caring nature. 

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Ian Cruz (he/him)

Is that a green tea Kit Kat wrapper? It’s most likely Ian’s. While he’s munching on his favorite green candy, Ian is in a different universe vibing to his favorite songs. But, it’s important to note that he can’t stand country music. An old soul, Ian is mature beyond his years with his pronounced grace and wisdom.