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South Texas Ideas

Organizing and mobilizing youth from all over the Rio Grande Valley to celebrate the unique culture, community and identity of South Texas.

Culture. Community. Identity.

Serving as an exposé about the life and resources of the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas Ideas is a platform created by and for young adults to engage in an actionable dialogue about culture, community, and identity.

STXi '19 attendees taking a selfie with their conchas
STXi '19 attendees taking a selfie with their conchas

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The STXi 2019 Team
The STXi 2019 Team

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STXi '20 Leaders at TED-Ed Weekend 2020
STXi '20 Leaders at TED-Ed Weekend 2020

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Prestigious keynote speakers

We invite inspirational community leaders and local figures to give a TED-style talk to the youth of the Valley that revolves around a common message: the youth are both the future and the present of South Texas!

Actively engaged youth organizers


Our team of bright, passionate youth begins to assemble in the fall semester and combines a wide range of talents: outreach, activity planning, fundraising, social media, and many more community building skills!


Followers from both sides of La Frontera

After hosting our first festival in 2017, we have amassed an audience of young people and adults alike from all over the world, and we're still just getting started!


Hours of spreading ideas worth sharing

Our annual festivals are structured to give our attendees the time and space to have open conversations about traditionally avoided topics with both our lineup of speakers and other youth from all over the Valley!

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Change Makers


Youth Advocates

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